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Bugs can put a damper on any adventure real quick. Lucky for us, there are natural bug repellants and remedies when we do get bites. 

Typical bug sprays have harsh chemicals that aren't good for the bugs... or us. There are some essential oils that naturally repel bugs. (citronella, tea tree, lemon eucalyptus, and a blend called TerraShield) Bad for the bugs, but not for you!


When you do get bitten, my favorite trick is to use a little Purify blend to help neutralize and clean the area. Lavender and tea tree can also help ease any residual irritation. 

scrapes, bumps, and bruises?

Is it possible to have an adventure without some scuffs? I don't think so! My favorite oil to have on hand is helichrysm. It naturally helps slow or stop light bleeding, so it's perfect for scraped knees, blisters, and can even help slow bruising.

Lavender is great to keep close to help with any irritation or itchiness and tea tree can help clean out the gunk.

Correct-X ointment is a great alternative to regular antibiotic ointments. It has some of these amazing oils (like helichrysm) already in it. Squirt a little on your bandaid and get back to exploring!

too much heat?

Try this DIY sun spray to help cool you down and soothe the irritated skin.

It has lavender and peppermint and is mixed with aloe and a skin toner already infused with other great essential oils. Every adventurer needs one! 

For burns, the tips are simple. Cold water and some lavender! 

more energy please!

Phew, exploring is a lot of work! How about a little pep in your step? 

My favorite trick? Lemon and peppermint in your water bottle! (not the plastic sort though!) Lemon is energizing while peppermint cools and opens the airways. And it tastes great! 

doTERRA also has the best vitamins and supplements around to help support your body's active needs! 

sound like you?

See what this oil lifestyle is all about! Feel prepared for your adventures with natural and effective tools for you and your loved ones. Join our next oil camp to learn more!

I can't wait for you to join the adventure and feel prepared to experience life beyond the tasks!

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