you ready?

some important things to know...

The best way to order doTERRA essential oils is to have a customer account. 

A customer account gives you 25% off on all oils and products for 12 months and access to my oil mentorship and support. When you purchase a customer account, there are no minimum purchase requirements and no requirements to sell essential oils. There are 2 ways to get your customer account:

option 1

Pay $35 for your 12 month customer account and add whatever oils or products you would like. Search doTERRA's product log here. After 12 months, it's $25 to renew and you get a free 15ml bottle of peppermint. 

option 2

The most popular way to get a customer account is by getting a starter kit. (they are listed below) They are extra discounted, so you will save even more money AND the customer account is free! 

Each month there are special deals and I love to spoil my customers. If you want more information or have questions, contact me here, or you can be surprised with what goodies you get (they're always good!)

add any product to qualify for 50 doterra dollars this month!


I got my kit, now what?

1. Request access to our VIP page on Instagram and Facebook

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2. Follow this link to learn about my Oil Mentorship
    (only available for my doTERRA customers)