Whether you swim for play, exercise, or competition, these tips will help you experience the best. From chlorine neutralizing sprays to sore muscles, I've gotcha covered! 

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Itchy from chlorine?

Chlorine is great for keeping our pools clean, but is bad news for our hair and skin. 

The good news is there are natural ways you can neutralize its effects and take care of your hair and skin! 

Try this chlorine neutralizing spray!

tangled and wiry hair?

After using the chlorine neutralizing spray, a natural shampoo and conditioner can be great for your hair! No harsh chemicals that do further damage. Just simple nourishment so you can have a healthy do. 

If you're scalp needs some extra TLC, the root to tip serum is incredible to prevent flakiness and sooth irritation. It also helps smooth your stray ends.


Tangles? Try this spray to smooth out the mane.  

Want an extra boost? Add a little tea tree or rosemary for added support

scales for skin?

My secret to smooth nourished skin is the yarrow pom serum and oil. The serum is great for the body after you shave and post swim to help replenish your skin cells. It's literally the fountain of youth in a bottle! A couple drops of the oil on your face will help smooth out lines and even skin tone so you need less makeup. 


No one likes water in their ears. If you feel a little plugged, try some alcohol drops or a couple drops of tea tree and lavender on a cotton ball. (just remember to never directly drop oils into your ear.) 

sound like you?

See what this oil lifestyle is all about! Feel prepared for your adventures with natural and effective tools for you and your loved ones. Join our next oil camp to learn more!

I can't wait for you to join the adventure and feel prepared to experience life beyond the tasks!

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